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Raves in Florida in 2023

Raves in Florida are large, multi-day events that feature various music and entertainment. These events typically feature DJs, live music, and VJs playing a variety of EDM, hip-hop, and other genres of music. Additionally, attendees will also find a variety of art installations, interactive experiences, and other activities.

These events are often held in outdoor venues or warehouses to accommodate large crowds. Florida is known for its vibrant nightlife and club scene, and rave festivals are the perfect way to experience its full glory.

Face it, the raves in Florida are lit. Miami has some of the hottest music on the planet. Grab your wallet and get ready to get to know Florida!

March Raves in Florida

Ultra Music Festival

raves in florida

When: March 24-26, 2023
Where: Miami, Florida

Named after the Ultra Music Label, the festival was founded in 1999. It is held at  Bayfront Park in downtown Miami and typically spans three days. Ultra has shows all around the world under the same name.

Winter Music Conference is held at the same time and is also owned by the Ultra label.

May Raves in Florida

Sunset Music Festival

When: May 2023
Where: Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, Florida

Tampa’s premier electronic music festival is Sunset Music Festival. 12 hours of dancing and fun!

June Raves in Florida

Forbidden Kingdom

raves in Florida

When: June 9-10, 2023
Where: Orlando Amphitheater, Central Florida Fairgrounds

This year, you’ll find the Forbidden Kingdom waiting to take you on a fantastical journey into the world of bass music. Experience the largest musical event in Florida, happening this June. You’ll be immersed in an oasis of sound playing across two days in Central Florida Fairgrounds. Click here for more information.

July Raves in Florida

Shambhala Music Festival

On a sunny Labour Day weekend in 1998, some 500 people gathered at the Salmo River Ranch for a party. From those early, heady days, Shambhala grew with enthusiasm by word of mouth. Today it attracts world-renowned DJs, artists, and some eclectic, energetic fans.

November Raves in Florida

EDC Orlando

When: November 10, 11, 12
287 S Tampa Ave
Orlando, FL 32805

Another epic event from Insomniac, EDC Orlando is one of the country’s top dance festivals. Boasting world-class talent from Garrix to Afrojack, the production values at EDC are out of this world, backing up the legendary brand name: Electric Daisy Carnival. Bring your party pants for this one!

History of raves in Florida

The history of ravers and raves in Florida dates back to the mid-1980s. In the mid-80s, Florida was home to some of the earliest raves, often held in warehouses, clubs, and abandoned buildings. By the early 1990s, the rave scene in Florida had grown significantly.

Raves were held in larger venues and began to incorporate more elements of the traditional “rave” atmosphere, such as glow sticks, body painting, and light shows. The late 90s and early 2000s saw the development of the popular “electronica” music scene in Florida, which brought with it an even larger and more diverse audience of ravers. During this time, Florida was home to some of the most well-known and influential electronic music acts, such as Rabbit in the Moon and DJ Icey. T

oday, Florida continues to be home to some of the country’s most popular and well-attended raves. In recent years, Florida has hosted some of the world’s largest and most successful EDM festivals, such as Ultra Music Festival and Electric Daisy Carnival. In addition, smaller, more intimate raves are still held in various venues throughout the state.

Florida is home to alligators and epic EDM parties. Miami plays host to the Winter Music Conference, which brings talented leaders from all over the world in the dance music space. Can’t get that ticket to Tomorrowland? Grab a quick flight and experience one of the fantastic raves in Florida! You won’t be sorry!

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