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Rave Flags 2023

Problem: You Lost Your Squad at a Rave

when you favorite dj is about to play and you lost you friends meme

Let’s face it. We’ve all been there.

You go to the bathroom you can’t find your friends.

You try calling them… 

Or they give you garbage directions, like, ‘we’re in the middle.’

Tomorrowland with a text bubble, "We're in the Middle"
Where are your friends?

Solution: Rave Flags or Rave Totems

Rave flags are flags you can wave above the crowd.

Your friends can see your funny SpongeBog or Tomorrowland flag from a mile away. 

A rave totem is the same thing, but it’s not a flag but a sign or a piece of art that you hold up. 

A rave flag or totem is a sign or banner on a pole used to locate your friends and make a statement at rave festivals, and EDM shows.

Finding the Right Rave Flag

  • Choose the right fabric: When choosing flags and poles, selecting durable materials that can withstand outdoor use is essential. Look for nylon, polyester, vinyl, or canvas materials that can handle wind and weather. 
  • Select the right size: Measure the area where you plan to use your flags and poles. This will help you select the right size for your setup. If you plan to have a big group of friends, maybe you can have a bigger flag. But if you only have two people, you don’t want a colossal flag tangled in that rave chick’s hair next to you.
  • Consider the design: When selecting flags, totems, and poles, consider the design of the items. Some designs are more intricate or eye-catching than others. Consider the design of the items to ensure that it matches your style and the overall aesthetic of your setup. 
  • Look for quality: When shopping for flags and poles, make sure to select items that are of good quality. Look for items that are made from durable materials. You know a festival can be hard on stuff.
  • Consider the price: Flags and poles can vary widely. Consider the cost to ensure you get the best value for your money. 
  • Keep it simple: Flags and poles can create a stunning visual effect but can also be overwhelming if you add too many items. Please keep it simple and choose a few things to create the desired result.
  • Don’t be a jerk: Remember that someone behind you might have saved their money all year to see the festival. Do they want to see your meme, or did they come to see the musician?

Flags vs. Totems

Flags have a cloth flag on a pole, and totems have a sign or an object, like a plushie, a light-up heart, or a meme sign. Flags are made of cloth and designed to flap in the wind; totems are static but can often include lights. 

Flag poles are typically made of metal or plastic and come in various sizes. The poles often feature a hook or clip on the top for attaching flags, streamers, or other decorations.

In addition, the poles may be decorated with lights, glow sticks, and other items to make them stand out. They are often used to add a festive touch to a rave or festival environment and to create a more interactive atmosphere.

Telescoping Rave Flag Pole

Constructing the Right Rave Totem

  • Choose the right materials: The materials you use for your rave totem should be lightweight, durable, and eye-catching. Some excellent materials include foam, cardboard, fabric, and even plastic.  
  • Make it stand out: You want your totem to stand out in a crowd, so make sure it’s big enough to be seen from a distance. The bigger it is, the more likely it is to be spotted by other ravers.  
  • Get creative: It’s essential to make sure your totem is unique and stands out from the crowd. Think of ways to add a personal touch, such as painting it with glow-in-the-dark paint or LED lights.  
  • Keep it safe: When you’re at a rave, keeping your totem safe is essential. Make sure it’s securely attached to something so it won’t get knocked over in the crowd.  
  • Have fun: Above all, have fun with your totem! Take the time to make it your own and ensure it reflects your style.

Custom Festival or Rave Flag

Many options are available if you want to buy a custom rave flag. You can go to a local store or online shop to purchase a flag made specifically for raves or have a custom flag made. 

Custom flags can be designed to fit your exact specifications and various materials, such as nylon, cotton, and vinyl.

If you’re looking for a unique design, you can also have a flag made with your artwork or logo. No matter your choice, purchase a durable and weather-resistant flag to last through the night.

Custom flags are often relatively cheap. Ranging from $8.00 to $35.00.

A telescoping flag pole with mounting hardware can cost between $15 and $20. A telescoping flag pole works best with a sleeve sewn into your flag for the pole to slide into.

If you have grommets in your flag, you must organize mounting or tie your flag to your pole. We recommend using a sleeve design if you plan to use a telescoping flag pole. Read more about grommets vs. sleeves.

Rave Flags for sale

Looking for rave flags is a delightful experience. Here are some of our favorites:

Online Shops

Check out Rave Bonfire and Fest Flags for inspiration. Etsy also has several exciting options, like the Guy Fieri, “Flavortown flag.”

Rave Flag Ideas  

  • American Rave Flag
  • Gay Pride Rave Flag 
  • Your favorite meme
  • “Turn Down For What” Flag
  • Your favorite artist or festival name
  • “Don’t Stop the Music” Flag
  • Flag with the words “Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect” written across it. 
  • “Life is a Dancefloor” Flag
  • Psychadelic rave flags
  • “Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat” Flag
  • Trippy flags

Collapsible Flag Pole for Festivals

Collapsible Flag Pole for Festivals This collapsible flag pole is perfect for festivals and other outdoor events. It is made from durable aluminum and is designed to be easy to assemble and disassemble. The pole often has a built-in ground stake and adjustable telescopic sections, allowing you to adjust the height to fit your needs. The included flag clips make attaching your flags easy and hassle-free. The pole is also lightweight and portable, making it easy to transport and store. With its high-quality construction, this flag pole is ideal for outdoor use.

Benefits of a telescoping flag pole for rave or festival flags

  • Music festival compliant – Most festivals allow this type of flag
  • Ergonomic foam handle
  • It comes in 5 and 7 foot heights
  • Retractable to about 12 inches long
  • You can put it away when the guy behind you threatens to kick your ass.

Rave Totems

A party totem can be a unique and fun way to show off your personality and style at a party. A totem can be anything from a traditional totem pole to a piece of art, a wooden sculpture, or a custom-made item. If you’re looking for a party totem that stands out, consider a giant inflatable totem, a light-up sculpture, or a unique sign. No matter your party theme, you’re sure to find something that will fit perfectly.

Rave Festival Totem Ideas

  • Giant inflatable banana
  • Stuffed animal dressed up in neon clothes
  • Lght-up sign that reads, “Let’s Rave!”
  • Glowing, vibrating robot
  • Giant, flashing peace sign
  • LED-covered hula-hoop
  • Massive, inflatable dice
  • Giant foam finger pointing up
  • Huge pair of sunglasses

Rave Totems for Sale

I don’t know about you, but I would like a rave jellyfish for all my future trips to target.

Rave Flag as Tapestry

Rave flags are brightly colored fabric flags often hung on walls at dance music events to create a fun and vibrant atmosphere. These flags often feature various psychedelic designs and are used to express individuality, as no two flags are ever the same. Wall rave flags also help to create a sense of community, as they can be used to recognize and show respect to other ravers.

Rave Flag and Festival Totem FAQ

How to Hang Rave Flags

If your flag has a sleeve sewn into it, you slide the flag into the sleeve. Some flags have a method to tie the flag to the pole once inserted in the sleeve. If your flag has grommets, you will need something to attach the flag to the pole, usually clips. Ask your flag pole vendor. We recommend sleeves at the least hassle option.

What size is good for rave flags?

If you want to have your flag in your bag and pull it out at the right moment, maybe wearing it on your back, a 3-foot by 5-foot flag is excellent. Most flags come in this size.

6×10 rave flags make a huge statement. Most vendors don’t carry flags this big, but if you want to show up and be the big man on campus, get a 6×10!

Grommets vs. Sleeves

Grommets are what most flags come with. If you plan to hang your flag one a wall or pull it out and wear it on your back, this is probably fine.

If you plan on strapping it to a flag pole, it’s more complicated. You can use something to attach it to the flagpole, like carabiners or zip ties. Make sure to check to see what you need to attach it to your flag pole.

Sleeves are the simpler option for mounting to a flag pole. They slide over the top of the pole. If you don’t plan to use it on a pole, a sleeve is easy to mount to a wall. Just use thumbtacks, like you would with grommets.

How much is a custom flag?

They range from $8.00 to $35.00.

How much does it cost to make a rave flag?

It depends on how you make it. If you use an old pillow case and some markers, you could get off cheap. But if you plan on sewing something or buying fabric, it could get expensive.

How to dance with a rave flag?

Most people choose to hoist their flag up and down in a little jig, swaying back and forth. But you do you.

Where to buy rave flags?

Check out Rave Bonfire and Fest Flags or Amazon and Etsy.

I saw that rave flag jesus judges you